My name is...


and I am a Master of Sports in
Rhythmics Gymnastics / Dance Coach

I am a happy woman who has discovered from her early age the passion for sports and I understood that through hard work and dedication you can get enormous satisfaction. Sport is part of me and it has always guided me to build a lifestyle that would make my lips smile every day.

As a coach I managed to share the knowledge and the values that I accumulated as an athlete with the children I worked with and won important national championship titles in rhythmic gymnastics, over 20 world championship titles, 15 vice-champions, 15 Romanian championship titles, 11 Hungarian championships titles at various dance categories.

The passion for sports has led me to actively engage in the healthy way of life of urban citizens by creating my own Sport, Beauty & Fun Show which I made and presented at the local stations Antena 1 Oradea and TVS Oradea.

My story begins at the age of 6 when I was selected to be part of a rhythmic gymnastics class in Iasi, the city where I lived with my parents. I discovered there a special energy that motivated me to want more, so at the age of 12 I moved to Oradea to prepare myself to another level, that of the national champhionship. At 18, I was already proud of four championship titles of Romania.

“Sport is part of me and has always guided me.”



From gymnastics to fitness

To share the knowledge and the values that I accumulated as an athlete with the children I worked with and won important national championship titles in rhythmic gymnastics.

My past was shaped by one of the best ballet teachers: Radu Constantin, the person who marked my whole life, the only man in the world of rhythmic gymnastics. I also worked with Stanciu Family (1979-1982), Master Balogh (1982-1985), Master Valkay (1985 -89), and Great Master Ligia Cosoi (1990-1991). I started practicing gymnastics at the early age of 6 and trained until 18.

During these 11 years, I won 10 Romanian Championship Titles and became a Member of the “National Team of Romania” For the work & ambition I put into this sport I was awarded Master of Sport in Rhythmic Gymnastics in 1989.

Being part of gymnastics I have focused on rhythmic gymnastics, based on my graduation from the National School of Coaches (1991-1993) specializing in rhythmic gymnastics in Bucharest, and in 2005 I graduated with a master's degree in physical education and sports.

I worked at the Sports Highschool in Oradea from 1991 to 2005 as a rhythmic gymnastics coach. And since 1997 I have developed the Ars Nova Dance Academy and the Fitness Center of the same name. Now years later, the gym is considered number 1 in Oradea.

My titles over the years:

  • Presedinte la Fundatia de Jazz Balet Ars Nova
  • Manager Fitness Center and Dance Academy
  • National Cheerleaders Association Founder and President
  • Scoala Nationala de Fitness/Aerobic Ars Nova Founder and President
  • Founder Animation Team Fit4Fun
  • Formator instructori Aqua Fitness
  • Licenses in Fitness: Zumba, Yoga, Piloxing, Personal Trainer, Aqua Fitness
  • Choreographer: Dans Contemporan, Liric, Jazz Dance, Acro Dance, Balet

Discipline leads to success

For me the most important aspect is discipline, because of the the rigors of being a performer in rhythmic gymnastics, where I have won 10 titles of champion of Romania.




Individual and collective training of children from beginner to high performance.


Creation of choreographies on different themes for different competitions or performances, making scenography, costumes and decorations for chosen themes.


Creating fitness programs and adapting them to group classes.

Event Organizer

Finding the right theme, preparing the show, setting the decor, lights, music, etc.



Just keep practicing!

As a personal coach, I succeeded, through involvement, knowledge to achieve exceptional results for the subjects I trained.

My life’s work is to teach dancers to look at themselves, to provoke insight through introspection and to instill an unwavering passion for dance.

Through dance I inspire my students, my dancers, and my audience to embark on a personal journey, to honestly express themselves, without self-doubt or fear of other’s criticism, and in the process – and perhaps most importantly – becoming personally motivated to rise above an existence of mediocrity.


Teodora Lăzuran