Ambition & Passion

Welcome to my domain, to my world, where you dance because you love it, dance because you live it, and dance because you have nothing to prove and everything to share.

Dance has been an integral part of my life. Whether choreographing, teaching, or performing, I share my passion and love for a most amazing and timeless art form, inspiring and invigorating the spirits of all dancers. I invite dancers (and the audience) to look inward, to allow emotion back into their structured lives.

In a time of unprecedented technological growth and rapid change, it is increasingly difficult to be connected to our own feelings. Everything from our work to events to communication occurs with lightning speed in a world too often unkind toward reflection and understanding.

We end up living out our days too instinctually – in patterns, redundancy, and routine – in ways non-conducive to artistry, self-expression, and innovation.

my classes in Miami

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This is a 45-minute class
Wednesday 4:00-6:00
or Friday 4:30-6:30

It is a well-known fact that Ballet is the basis to all other forms of dance. Ballet teaches students about posture, musicality, confidence, expression and creativity. At the age of 6 years we begin to prepare our students for their first I.S.T.D Ballet Examination. These exams although encouraged are completely optional.


This is a 45-minute class
Wednesday 4:00-6:00
or Friday 4:30-6:30

Contemporary is started from a slightly older age as we believe it is important for children to first learn the basics of Ballet and/or Jazz technique, which will then aid their development and understanding of Contemporary Dance. The aim of the class is to develop student’s expression and creativity through improvisation and exploration of many different Contemporary dance techniques.

Adult ballet bootcamp

SUITABLE FOR: ages 16+
This is a 45-minute class
Wednesday 4:00-6:00
or Friday 4:30-6:30

Our Adult Ballet Bootcamp is a unique full body workout which is suitable for all ages and abilities. This class has proven to be very popular with adults whether you have experience in Ballet or not. The aim of the class is to improve posture, flexibility and core strength. The class is filled with exercises which tone and lengthen the muscles creating definition in the body.

Private dance class

All levels and abilities
Schedule to be established

We all have different aspirations, whether it’s reaching a professional level or trying to attain ANY level at all, sometimes you need something more than one class a week. 1-to-1 tuition is the quickest and easiest way to procure this knowledge for yourself, and give you the confidence to start creating from day 1!


Teodora Lăzuran